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The automobile mechanic reminds people of workers in the garage covered in grease. But in actuality, for some, it is something they want to do. Not getting rusted, but fixing cars. Opening and fixing them and making them work. It is a dream come true for many.

And that is what auto mechs are meant for. For people wanting to achieve it can simply put their effort into some courses and create paths to their dream career. By taking these courses one can venture the unknown fields they might not have discovered on their own.

Why the course?

  • Learning Techniques
  • The autos are very advanced, unlike yesterday. We have new technologies emerging and automatic cars are on the rise. With a change of times, there is a change of need too. So as to cope with this, many techniques and courses have evolved.
  • Learning some techniques will make your work swifter and precise. You may have learned things on your own, but there are some experiences one can experience only through courses. By gaining certification, it is easy to explore the industry in various places at various times, maximizing the advantage.
  • Gain Attention
  • Undertaking these courses for a future in this industry is something regular. There are some pursuing it, so making oneself stand out from the crowd is an important aspect. In a garage, there are people of varying skills at a professional level. From people who oil to people who design, all of them come together to make something work.
  • Also, one must have varying degrees of knowledge because even in the absence of one there must be no halting. Even in engines today we have minimal circuits, so escaping the tech completely is not possible. A basic course on the working must be taken at least.

Through distance learning, you can set yourself up for future success. Our automobile mechanic course includes information on the following areas:

  • Engines and Engine Performance
  • Electric
  • Transmissions (Manual and Automatic)
  • Suspension and Steering Systems
  • Brakes

These courses in ASTI, Dubai will make you enhance your skill and develop into a full-fledged successful automotive mechanic.

With Dubai and Abu Dhabi turning into world-class business hubs, there is a high need for workers in every field. And with the rise in luxury, there is a drastic rise in auto usage. So there is no dearth of auto mechanics. Anywhere in the country, auto techs have their distinguished role to play.

You don’t have to be holed in a garage or a junk shop. There are dealerships, franchises, and private garages. Working anywhere one can improve their skills. Automotive mechanics are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of their own tools. Several independent companies, such as Dubai Auto Sales, make weekly rounds to repair facilities to replace warranty or sell tools to automotive technicians. This benefits automotive mechanics by making tool purchases and maintenance convenient.

At ASTI Dubai, the foundational courses build your base knowledge from the ground up, teaching you how to diagnose, maintain and repair domestic and foreign vehicles like a true automotive professional. From here, you can move on to Manufacturer-Specific Advanced Training courses.

Talent and an affinity for engines are musts for aspiring mechanics. Those who are serious about creating a strong career must turn to formal education and in-depth training in order to work in the competitive automotive field.

Vocational Courses have programs dedicated to those willing to work with engines, including general mechanical courses. Students can start early, at any age after getting some basics and continue all their way through specialization.

Students will find two common paths to becoming a mechanic or Automobile engineer: The certificate program or the associate degree. Though there are some bachelor’s degree programs, these are quite rare.

In an auto mechanic certificate or associate’s degree program, students learn how to diagnose problems, estimate repairs, complete repairs and maintain vehicles. They also learn how to use power tools, and they may acquire customer service skills as well. Some automobile makers or dealers offer training programs through local colleges that include specific training for working on their makes and models of vehicles.

Students generally receive a great deal of supervised, hands-on experience during the completion of a formal education program. Auto mechanic certificate programs can usually be completed in a year or less. Students may study engine repair, electrical systems, and manual transmission.

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