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UK Qualification Levels 

UK qualification levels are the road map that gets you to your career destination and higher up the higher education ladder. The UAE places great importance on its education system as a means of progressing its economy and business sector. Higher education in the UAE first got its footing in 1976 with the establishment of the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). The university was started by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who founded the school in hopes of furthering the academic excellence, and thus the economic potential, of UAE residents.

UK Qualification Level System

The higher education landscape in the UAE has developed along with the fast economic growth that the country has witnessed over the past 20 years. Dubai has become a niche destination for higher educational qualifications for national as well as international students. Today, the UAE is home to higher educational institutions in the Middle East.

ASTI Academy founded in the year 1995, understands the importance of the education system in UAE and thereby takes necessary steps for promoting  UK Level System in UAE. Being the registered training provider in UAE, ASTI offers UK Levels 3, 4, and Level 5 systems to its learners with Dubai government KHDA-approved UK qualifications. Also, ASTI paves its students a pathway program to a bachelor’s degree in top UK universities after completing the UK Level 5 qualification.

Understanding UK Qualification Levels In UAE Education System

With so many different qualifications flying around in UAE Education System, it can be hard to keep track of what each one means – not to mention where it could lead next. To help you work out where to go next, here’s everything you need to know about the UK’s education levels: explained.

ASTI Level 3 system

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of those countries in the Middle East & ASTI is one of those technical institutes that encourages the UK education system. You can find the right course be it online/on campus or blended from ASTI. Therefore, students who are having jobs or family commitments needn’t drop their dream to achieve an international Degree. Moreover, the course fee is much more affordable in UAE when compared to the UK.

 UK Education Levels & Qualification System

A short guide to an understanding of the UK Level Systems, what they are, and how they relate to one another. There are eight different levels of the UK education System – as well as an entry-level, to help you begin studying.

UK Level System

What are qualification levels?

There are 9 levels of qualification, from entry-level to level 8. Qualifications all have their place in the rankings – whether you pick them up from school/college, university, technical college, or work. A qualification’s level tells you how difficult it’s considered to be. It doesn’t tell you how long the course is or how it can be used to help you qualify for another, higher-up qualification – we look at how that’s measured later on.

What are level 3 qualifications?

Level 3 qualifications are a group of courses that are all equivalent to A-Levels. Level 3s can be taken by any person who has completed age 16 or above. Level 3 qualifications are part of the level system created by the government to help students classify the difficulty of their education.

What are Level 3 qualifications in the UK equivalent to?

Level 3 qualifications are also known as further education because they are taken after students have finished their GCSEs. The greatest feature of Level 3 qualifications is that all but one of them carries UCAS points. In order to go to university, students must collect a certain number of UCAS points, and one way to obtain these is through taking Level 3 qualifications. Each grade is equivalent to a set number of points. The higher the grade, the higher the points.

ASTI Level 3 System

ASTI academy offers level 3 education for those who complete the age of 16 or above can enroll and he/she can choose from the different specifications available in the Level 3 program for their higher education. All our level 3 programs are Recognized & Accredited by the Government of Dubai, KHDA,  Ofqual, TVET, QAD, and multiple global educational legal bodies. ASTI Academy offers following specifications  in  Level  3.

ASTI Accreditation & Recognition

What are the Level 3 qualification options?

The most popular Level 3 qualification known to students is the A-Level, but there are so many more options available of equivalent difficulty. Level 3 qualifications are perfect for those who are looking to continue their education after the minimum school leaving age, or are interested in specializing in a particular subject.

Examples of Level 3 qualifications include:

  • A level (grades A, B, C, D, or E)
  • Advanced subsidiary (AS) level
  • Tech level
  • Applied general
  • Level 3 awards, diplomas, and certificates
  • Advanced apprenticeships
  • Access to higher education diploma

Whom are Level 3 qualifications designed for?

Level 3 qualifications are designed for further education students who are bridging the gap between GCSEs and university. In full-time education, the program takes 6 months to complete, so most often, students aged between 16 and 19 take Level 3 qualifications. However, you do not necessarily need to be sixteen to take a Level 3 qualification.

What is the difference between Level 3 and other levels of education?

Level 3 is just one of eight different levels at which qualifications in the UK can be taken Levels 1 and 2 are nearly enough the same, both being equivalent to GCSE education. The only difference is that grades 3 and lower are Level 1. Any grade from a pass and up is counted as Level 2.

Levels 4, 5, and 6 make up the three years of a bachelor’s degree respectively. Level 7 is represented by all postgraduate education. This could be a master’s degree in your chosen subject area or a year’s teaching qualification, known as a PGCE. The final and highest level of education is Level 8, reserved for doctorates. These are Ph.D. students, and the course typically takes at least 3 years to complete.

Advance Your Career and Climb the Ladder!!

UK Level qualification

This Level 3  qualification from ASTI is specially designed for you if you are looking to start in the broad, advanced manufacturing and engineering sector in more specialized roles for your chosen career.

STUDY IN DUBAI & GRADUATE IN UK QUALIFICATION from UAE leading technical academy for vocational qualifications ,ASTI.


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