1. The minimum age for registration at ASTI Academy is 16.
  2. The application will be assessed as per the eligibility criteria set forth by the course awarding body and also the Academy.
  3. The applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be taken for further assessment.
  4. Applicants are required to submit all required documents during the assessment process.
  5. If any required document is not submitted within the stipulated time period”, the application will not be processed further and the registration can be cancelled.
  6. The Academy reserves the right to verify any document submitted by the applicant”, at any time during the admission processes or even during the term time.
  7. The successful applicants will be offered a conditional place and an unconditional place will be offered upon fulfilment of the conditions specified.
  8. Applicants who self-fund their studies can pay their fees by bank draft or bank transfer (the mode and the details will be explained in the conditional offer letter).
  9. Applicants who are currently employed or have work experience in the past”, are required to submit proof of work experience.
  10. Where applicants are financially supported by any public funding bodies”, or by any other sponsorship, confirmation from the relevant body will be required before an unconditional place can be offered at the Academy.
  11. No letters will be provided until the above clauses (7 and 9) have been met.
  12. The Academy reserves the right”, at any time to make changes that may be deemed necessary in admission requirements, tuition fees, policies and procedures and academic programmes prior to the start of the course.
  13. If it is discovered that a false statement has been made or a forged document has been submitted or the applicant has not provided significant information along with their application form”, the Academy may withdraw or amend its offer, or terminate the applicant’s registration with
  14. Academy, according to the circumstances.
  15. The Academy reserves the right to cancel any course if the minimum recruitment number is not met.
  16. Students are required to attend 15-21 hours of lectures per week.
  17. Attendance is mandatory and students failing to achieve the required threshold shall be expelled from the course and the Academy.
  18. Where students are financially supported by any public funding bodies”, or through any sponsorship, the relevant body will be notified of any expulsion.
  19. If students are observed committing any sort of delinquency towards other students or towards the teaching or non-teaching staff”, they will be dismissed from the Academy.
  20. The Academy is not responsible and liable for any loss or damage to the students’ property; students are advised to insure their property against risks.
  21. Any refund of tuition fees and/or reduction in tuition fee liability is at the discretion of the Academy.
  22. All refunds will only be made to the bank and account holder that originally paid the fee. Refunds will not be made in cash.
  23. No fees will be refunded if the student is expelled from the Academy.
  24. Where a student undertakes an approved temporary suspension of their studies”, tuition fees already paid will not normally be refunded but retained until studies are resumed or permanent withdrawal occurs.
  25. Students who suspend their studies remain liable to pay any outstanding fees which may be due at the point of suspension.
  26. If any student withdraws from the course after registration”, the student must pay the fee for the time they studied with the Academy and for the current academic year for which they are registered. The decision whether to refund and the amount to be refunded depends on the circumstances of the withdrawal. If the students are sponsored by any public funding bodies, or if they are under any other sponsorships, the Academy has the
    right to claim the fees from the relevant body for that particular term or for that academic year depending upon the time the student studied with the Academy.
  27. The Data collected from the student application form will be used for the purpose of administration and will only be shared with third parties acting on our behalf like awarding bodies”, governing and other regulatory organizations, potential employers or other relevant organizations if necessary to fulfil obligations and will be in line the terms set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (2018).
  28. The Academy believes in equal opportunity and no discrimination is encouraged based on age”, gender, disabilities, religious or political beliefs.