Mechanical engineering courses in Dubai

Certified Welding Technology

Our welding courses will ensure that a welder is properly familiar with correct interpretation and setup techniques and processes that fulfill all of the industry’s requirements.

With our approved and certified Welding Training, you may be certain of welding jobs since you will be in possession of a widely recognized welding qualification.

Don't wait any longer, take control of your career

Doing a welding course and acquiring a qualification offers a full grasp of the profession as well as the confidence to conduct it to a high standard. Welding, brazing, gas cutting, and fabrication all need highly skilled welders who have received proper training in the usage of arc welding, Tig welding, oxyacetylene, Saiw, Co2 welding, and Mig welding.

Hassan K.


"This program finally helped me to get the assistant manager promotion I have always wanted. Great opportunity for management work"

Success Stories

Chang D.


"I have a small business in Dubai and this program helped me understand more how to talk with consulting agencies and how to help develop and grow my business and plan for future expansions"