UAE’s #1 Artificial Intelligence Program
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UAE’s #1 Artificial Intelligence Program

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning programs from ASTI academy are designed to develop competence for future-oriented working professionals. It covers latest technologies and applications including Deep Learning,Data Science with Python, Computer Vision, NLP, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Neural networks, etc.

Among the latest technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence stands at the front. Deep Learning and Machine Learning startups are blooming, and their profits are increasing more than ever due to the increased demand for their solutions.

We at ASTI are poised to offer UAE’s #1 Artificial Intelligence program in GCC,Asia , and north and southern Africa for all professionals who are looking to enhance their careers. Moreover, get job-ready AI training with live sessions, practical labs, and projects with ASTI Technical Academy.

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The era that we are in requires fast response to global practices and vigorous changes in technology and the implications that come from it