Higher International Diploma in

Tourism and Hospitality Management

The Tourism and Hospitality Management Program offers the perfect pathway for students and professionals pursuing a career in tourism and hospitality fields. This certification is recognized by employers all over the globe.

Students aged 18 and above, with a suitable academic background or related work experience can achieve an engineering qualification that equips them with the core knowledge, skills and techniques to build a successful career in the tourism and hospitality field.

The selection of specialist modules and technical experience obtained in this Program prepares students with the working practices essential to develop problem solving techniques in a professional engineering environment.

This Qualification offers a pathway to a rewarding career in the fields of tourism and hospitality.

The qualification have been created to develop and reward the tourism and hospitality managers of today and the future, and to continue to bring recognition and professionalism to the management sectors.

A tourism and hospitality degree will provide students with the skills needed to travel the world, work in a range of exciting sectors and meet a wide variety of different people from all cultures and backgrounds. Tourism and hospitality is among the world’s most popular industries, employing over 60 million globally.

Studying tourism and hospitality means both business and creative minds will have many opportunities to express themselves in a number of different situations. Because of the broad number of topics that encompass the subject, there are limitless opportunities to branch out into different strands of the industry.

A comprehensive knowledge of how international tourism works, plus detailed study on the supply chain, customer demand and the global forces impacting on the sustainability of tourism will be learned, and the skills, training and qualifications gained from studying will be in demand worldwide.