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It is no doubt that cars have become a vital machine in modern society. Though for some, they are not only important machines but are wonderful puzzles with compelling mysteries yet to be solved. Just like any average person with a passion for cars, you might also be on the search of a way to make a career out of it.

Mechanics are on demand. Fueled by GCC’s strategic location on the map, it has become a hub for car trade. Let’s not forget the large society of car enthusiasts across GCC. All these combined clearly highlights the growing necessity for good mechanics. This has also translated to demand in engineering course in the region.

But how do you become one? Working in an automobile can make you responsible for repairing, maintaining, or testing the engines, transmissions and other systems in the vehicle. You can also opt to specialize in learning on very specific vehicles. Take for example – off-roading. Mechanics who deal with types of cars specially made for off-roading have spent a good amount of time and learning in understanding the specifications of such vehicles by enrolling in various engineering course programs.

But what are the characteristics of a good mechanic? This will help you assess yourself and keep track of important behaviours needed in the field.

  • You can effectively use your hands in dismantling something and putting it back together. Not only that but also the talent of taking note of different mechanical parts.
  • You must be physically fit. The work of dealing with cars can entail a lot of lifting or pushing. You can also be moving a lot since moving from one to car to another will be a daily task.
  • You love solving problems. The best mechanics have an innate nature of curiosity and drives satisfaction from being able to solve a puzzle.
  • You are a people person. Mechanics are not always client facing but a well-rounded mechanic can effectively communicate automotive problems and enjoys dealing with people.

We have identified the attributes you need to become a good mechanic so now, how do you become one? The first step is enrolling yourself in a reputable technical academy that will allow you to acquire the necessary certificates to be considered a licensed automobile professional. You can decide to also specialize on certain aspects such as which types of cars do you want to focus on after finishing your automobile curriculum.

A perfect course for anyone who wish to become an automobile professional in GCC is ASTI Academy’s Automobile Engineering. They offer a well-rounded course that will deepen your knowledge and skills in dealing with parts of an engine, transmission, clutch, brakes, steering, suspension system and a lot more. The academy offers a variety of courses including mechanical engineering in Dubai, façade engineering, vocational courses for electricians in Dubai, electrical engineering courses in Dubai, design engineer courses, and a lot more.

There are a lot to consider when you decide to turn your passion to cars into a career journey. But it is guaranteed that once you have successfully identified your way towards it, there is a lot of self-gratification that comes later. After all, who does not want to work on the things they love?

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