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Welding is the process of joining the two or more metals by heating & fusing them. Day by day the new process of melting metals is coming up as per the requirements of the society.

In olden days blacksmiths were melting the metals in Cummins adopting the highest level of fire and they used to pour melted lava in the shapes made by mud and giving them shapes. The other method was melting the metal in high fire and hammering the heated metal and giving the shape. This type of welding needed four members. One for blowing the Cummins for generating the heat, one was holding the metal with the help of rags and the other two used to hammer to give the shapes
Day by Day the welding methods are changing as per the requirements of the society.  By today welding has four processes and it needs electricity for joining the metals.

  • STICK welding
  • MIG welding
  • ARC welding
  • GAS welding

Why should we choose ASTI for the Welding Technology courses?
ASTI is known for giving such type of courses and is known for its quality of training. It has brilliant experienced professors to train & has conducted many training sessions for the industries.

Duration of the course
The duration depends on the requirements of the industry. ASTI has hourly basis training sessions & moreover, ASTI has courses ranging from three months to two years.

How does a working professional take this course?
ASTI is specially meant for them. For professionals, we provide weekend classes and the class timings are flexible as per the requirements of the candidates.

Merits of getting training in ASTI
Getting the training in ASTI is well worth it. Once getting the training one can get certified by KHDA, NQA, QAD. This certificate can be used for changing visa status, migration purpose, and adding additional knowledge.

Is this Welding course affordable?
Yes, it is. The fee differs for each type of courses and training.


  • Classes start soon.
  • Hands-on training.
  • No Pressure to commit.
  • With classes starting every 3-6 weeks, no need to wait to start your career.
  • Get answers to your questions without any obligations
  • Get hands on experience with the industry’s leading brands.
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