Architectural Engineering

Focuses its study on the design of all building systems

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Foundation Programs  for Higher Education Qualifications

ASTI Academy offers Foundation Programs for higher education at Level 2 & 3, Level 4 & 5  in the fields of Business, Engineering, IT which are parallel to those programs offered at Universities. We also provide Professional Certification courses in the fields of Engineering and Management. We are known for our teaching method that has brought out the best from our students through a pragmatic and a practical approach.

This allows them to be projected in real-life situations thus creating a more sustainable learning curve in gaining their government recognized higher education certificates. We are committed to nurture the overall personality of our students and make them competent to flourish in their personal and professional life.

What we can help you achieve

ASTI Academy has 4 major academic departments in which it has a variety of government recognized courses which it provides.


Education and Training

External Verifier (EV)

Ensure that their sampling strategy involves meetings with internal verifiers
Education and Training

Internal Verifier (IV)

Responsible for the quality assurance of assessment decisions
Education and Training

Assessor Qualification

Will allow you to assess vocational qualifications
Education and Training

Teachers Training

Develop and learn in real life school environments
Computing and Digital Technology

Automation and Robotics

Designing, creating and using robots to perform a certain task