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Hello Raghav, it is so good to hear such a positive attitude of willingness to study, let’s breakdown your problems step by step and resolve your issues. Since you say you cannot continue your studies in India due to various reasons. When you have a quite number of backlogs and they are one of the reasons you need to head-up to back your college? it is really difficult for you to go back. Especially, you can’t distinguish a proper time amongst your work schedule! Are these your problem? So, ASTI is here to help you. Join ASTI to start over your career.

Raghav: Is it possible to continue your studies in my education here?
Studying here in ASTI has few advantages like there is no age barrier to study here. And compared to other places, here in ASTI, we have many more career options regarding your interests, there are many lower diploma programs, higher diploma programs, vocational training and technical degrees that may help you get a better job or a little promotion in your work here. Though, considering your passion and interest to study, there are many other factors that will help you to choose the right college. Surfing the internet, doing light research and considering a few facts listed below may help you to arrive at the right decision.

Raghav: What course do you offer in engineering?
Here in ASTI, we offer UG engineering courses in computer science, automobile, electronics, civil, welding and many more main streams that are level 6 education. We do follow the prior learning technique that is there is no age bar for continuing the education journey with ASTI We have equivalent diplomas and vocational courses relating to and arts. 
I understand you have a tight schedule when you are a working person. Attending classes, and coping up with academic becomes the toughest job. Never worry again here in ASTI, we follow the blending system.

Raghav: Tight work schedule?
The learning system of ASTI includes classes in both online and offline sessions (the regular classes). There is also a customized schedule for students that help them improve learning. The schedule can be arranged considering your work timings and weekends. The learning curriculum followed in UAE universities is more based on field experience and professional knowledge rather than theory-based examinations. The degree offered here is approved by the GOVT OF DUBAI, UK CERTIFIED DEGREE.  This makes more ways to learn the techniques in more practical knowledge. Since it is UK CERTIFIED DEGREE, the academics are based on levels (level 1- level 6), when you progress with the professional skills you are upgraded and when you find it difficult on some region special care is taken of. The professionals who teach here have a very knowledgeable background and are from industries that will guide you better according to your flaws. Since it is a UK-based system we can continue anywhere outside from the same level instead of starting from first in case of any transfer or promotions.

Raghav: Will, it fit your UAE budget?
You may not be in a very good financial position when you wish to enter a college for future education and interests. The first thing that comes into your mind is the academic fee structure. If you are a working person and your salary is less affordable for an educational cause, and you may have a fear of bulk tuition fees. But there are in ASTI, which offers great scholarships and installments that allow you to pay the fees in term installments and few a scholarship at a certain level if you are really professional and outstanding in your course, and also based on your experience and talent. When you consider other universities, ASTI we help you in many ways, who do not cause lots of fees just as their pattern of fashion, and can consider the future of the student and can make amendable arrangements.

Raghav: When you can’t come to classes, due to your work schedule:
It is always a tough task when you do two things together but it becomes easier when you plan accordingly. The most important task is to balance your work life with your academics without being stressful. The study method of ASTI is practical knowledge-based and not theory-based so it’s not a point to worry about having no time to study when you follow the sessions properly. Also, we have alternative online sessions that may help you to compensate for the classes you missed due to your tight works. 

Raghav: When you leave a long break and wish to continue:
A degree, as discussed earlier herein ASTI, we follow a UK-based leveling system of education and when you discontinue your studies or leave a break, it is possible to continue your degree here from the level you left, and need not start over. So, it is not a point to worry.

Raghav: When I to wish to move to CANADA due to company works:
Migrate to Canada
The degree program offered in ASTI, are a UK-based education system and the certificate offered here is accredited by the GOVT OF DUBAI which is universally valid and universally recognized qualifications.

Raghav: Break-in course, due to unfortunate condition:
In ASTI, we develop the art of learning the skills and knowledge through practical education. Due to some committed project, if you are transferred to some places, the UK based credit system is valid there and cam continues there if you wish so. And can write intermediate exams to fulfill course.

Raghav: HID to Bachelor degree?
In ASTI, we have HIGHER INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA, which is equivalent to a Level 5 Diploma, which requires level 3 education or equivalent learning or education. After the completion of education in HID, you can enroll in level 6 which is a Bachelor’s Degree. Since you are experienced and have work experience the course may finish in less duration than other students.

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