diploma in hospitality & Tourism Management


Diploma In Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hospitality & Tourism Management is a challenging and dynamic industry offering a wide range of exciting employment opportunities. The diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management program from ASTI combines the study of these sectors to open the doors to a variety of career paths, from resort and attractions management to tour operations and travel consultancy.

Are you a future tourism and hospitality industry leader? With a strong managerial focus, this program will furnish you with a combination of tourism and hospitality theory, operational skills, and practical methods of analysis. Take the opportunity to study the related areas of tourism and hospitality management from #UAE leading technical academy ASTI to ensure you have the tools to become a confident and high executive-level manager in the international tourism and hospitality sector.


Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management from ASTI will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to become an effective and ethical manager. This program will prepare you for a high-flying career with the world’s most prestigious hospitality brands. Also, this course will give you the skills to manage people, businesses, and operations in international hotels and world-class hospitality companies.

During your year of study, you will also learn to assess your own self-development and develop your team leadership and presentation skills. You can access a range of industry engagement opportunities, industry-led workshops, and fieldwork visits to travel-related exhibitions and destinations. Such opportunities help you develop critical insights into the industry.

Aims & Objectives

Our tourism and hospitality courses combine practical experience with academic understanding to help you succeed in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. This course captures the key trends that transform the industry today, from a greater emphasis on sustainability and responsible management to social equity and investing in digital innovations to encourage entrepreneurship.

This is the right course for you if you want to focus more on tourism and less on the business side of things – although there are plenty of opportunities to develop your managerial skills. Throughout the course, we’ll show you how to apply your knowledge, and you can put it into practice with optional work experience.

Mode of Study

On campus/online / Blended

24 Months

Assignment based assessment
No Exams Involved

Classes Type


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Diploma In Hospitality & Tourism Management Program specification

Diploma in hospitality & tourism management focuses on developing understanding, skills, and abilities to equip the Learner with the awareness and aptitudes to be an effective organizational manager and leader. An action-based approach will be sought and learners who have a strong motivation to progress in their chosen career and business pathway will gain significantly from the qualification.

Qualification Title Diploma In Hospitality & Tourism Management
Qualification Level UK Level 5
Accreditation status Accredited
Credit Equivalence 240 Credits
Recognition Globally Recognized

Program Modules

Sno Unit Code Unit Title Credits
1 HTM401 Sustainability in Tourism and Hospitality Management 30
2 HTM402 Operations Management in Tourism and Resort Operations 30
3 HTM403 Management of Visitor Attractions 30
4 HTM404 Employability and Development in the Hospitality Industry 30
5 HTM501 Tourism Destination Management 30
6 HTM502 Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality Management 30
7 HTM503 Cultural Tourism Management 30
8 HTM504 Research Project 30
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Diploma In Hospitality & Tourism UAE ASTI

  • Students/Learners with Age 18 & Above.
  • Highschool qualifications (O Level  / A levels/ 12th)
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Also refer to the RPL guide to know more about exemptions (for working professionals only).
  • For a detailed program fee structure, Please feel free to contact us or connect to our Course Advisors here. Also, Write an email to us at [email protected] or Give Us A Call +971 42809955

ASTI Academy is Recognized & Accredited by the Government of Dubai, KHDA,  Ofqual, TVET, QAD and multiple global educational legal bodies, proving government-approved vocational educational qualification programs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.ASTI Accreditation & Recognition

Diploma In Hospitality & Tourism Management Career Pathways

The Hospitality & Tourism Industry is a mammoth industry and one of the fastest-growing ones. The Hospitality and Tourism Cluster prepares learners for careers in the management, marketing, and operations of restaurants and other food services, lodging, attractions, recreational events, and travel-related services. Hospitality operations are located in communities throughout the world.

Hospitality coordinators

Hospitality coordinators are the liaisons between hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses and their guests. They’re responsible for making sure that every guest has a positive experience while staying at the property.

Guest Relation Manager

The guest Relations Manager is the main point of contact for guests, providing assistance and help throughout their stay. The guest Relations Manager is responsible for giving a warm reception to guests and making sure that they are satisfied with their stay.

Food and Beverage Manager

A Food and Beverage Manager is a hospitality and tourism professional specializing in forecasting, planning, and controlling the ordering of food and beverages. Also, an F/B Manager manages the finances related to the whole process of purchasing food and drink for the hotel premises.

How Are Classes conducted?

Lectures are conducted live. For students who requested virtual classes conducted via online classes.

What Kind Of Certificate will I receive at the end of the program?

Students will receive UK qualified and  UAE Government recognized KHDA-approved certificate.

Is this program approved by KHDA?

Yes, All our programs approved by KHDA.

How will I be assessed? Will there be any exams?

For each module, you’ll have regular assessments to help you keep on track. There will be no exams.

I don’t have a background in hospitality & Tourism am I eligible for the course?

Yes, you are. Whether you already work in the industry and want to take your career forward, or you’re looking for a change in direction, you’re eligible to study diploma in hospitality & Tourism Management in UAE  from ASTI.

How do I pay for the course?

You’ll be able to pay your fees over the duration of your course or in installments. Also ASTI offers an early payment discount* to students paying their annual tuition fee in full at the start of their course.

What are the career opportunities after this program?

Upon completion of the program, the candidates are qualified to enter a variety of tourism & hospitality sectors including travel agencies, tour companies, cruise lines, hotels, government tourism departments, resorts, and many other related companies. This qualification also equips students to start and run his/her own tourism & hospitality enterprise.

What do you study in hospitality and tourism?

Hospitality and tourism is the industry that centers on travel, dining, entertainment, and customer services. It includes areas such as lifestyle, travel, food, and culture.

What is the scope of the hospitality tourism industry?

While the hospitality industry covers several different services, it can generally be defined through different sectors. These sectors include food and beverages, lodging, recreation, travel and tourism, and meetings and events.

Why study diploma in hospitality and tourism management from ASTI?

Studying for a diploma in hospitality and tourism management at ASTI will help the students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to begin their career with an international outlook and globally renowned for excellence in the field.
Diploma in hospitality and tourism management programs at ASTI offers the chance to gain real-world experience through the Professional qualification.

What jobs can I get in Hospitality & tourism management?

• Front desk clerk/receptionist.
• Events manager.
• Hotel or resort manager.
• Housekeeper.
• Tour operator.
• Tourism marketing manager.
• Travel agency manager.
• Tourist Information Centre manager.