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HID, Higher International Diploma is often misunderstood with Diploma. This is because of various reasons like the duration of courses, courses offered. So, to throw light upon the confusion here is a briefed article discussed.

What is HID?
HID, Higher International Diploma is the higher qualification issued after the student undergoes the successful completion of a work-related course. HID has more of a practical way of approach towards the course. This helps the students to get enhanced with course-related specific work skills and field experience while pursuing the course. The HID is a United Kingdom-based, business, and technology qualification. This is the higher diploma offered by the United Kingdom by Edexcel, BTEC, and patterns in their accredited universities.

HID: Duration, courses offered
It can be completed as a full-time course in two years and a maximum of four years according to the difficulty of course. After the successful completion of the course, the students are awarded the “higher national degree”. The HID can be completed within three-four years of part-time. The students can be admitted to HID, only after achieving one “A-level” or an equivalent. There are two levels in HID. The top-up level is the one considered for a 3rd or 4th year HID graduate due to their excellence in the course and the two different degrees can be achieved. They are: HID and HID HONORS degree. The advantageous side of HID is that the practical knowledge learned from this degree can fetch an immediate job. And can lead you to the workplace directly.

Also, it also makes you win the ticket to a full-time degree directly. And also considered to a university full-time degree equivalent. HID courses are offered in programs of secretaryship, management studies, accountancy, administration, marketing, health and social care, healthcare management, machinery, and computer technologies. The HID is theoretically taught in class and is evaluated in practical experiments and assignments. On taking, hospitality, management studies, science courses, the students of HID have better knowledge and great field experience compared to regular university degree students. The HID is in level 8 in Scotland learning system and on level 5 in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

What is Diploma, duration and course offered
Diploma is generally a certification awarded by the educational establishment is recognition of successfully completed a course of study. In UK levels of study, it is equivalent to level3 education. It surely helps to get into a higher qualification and basically fills the gap between a level 2 and a university degree. The diploma course is aimed at a particular skill set and are helpful to gain knowledge in a particular field and may help in getting an immediate job or a career hike. Unlike, HID diploma depends on an observation and assessment way of learning, the teaching of diploma demands work-based learning and guidance education, the diplomatic course helps a lot in increasing an occupational capability in the teaching field.

Generally, the level 3 diploma degree is a globally recognized educational qualification. The diplomatic courses offered in UAE help in improvement in teaching and learning experience and always motivates and prepares you to enter your career in education. This diploma acts as a gateway to enter a lot of UG courses in science and education. It helps you a lot in achieving academic goals. This acts as a bridge course between your basic learning and your interest course. It helps you a lot with wide-area learning in a particular course. Taking a UG degree after, a diploma helps you in various aspects and you can do better than most of all students.

The diploma can be very useful to someone who wishes to take a new path on a career and wanted to start something new. The diploma must make you ready for a challenge in the workplace and further educational options. diplomatic course is provided in business management, marketing management, HR management, social studies, and computer hardware and software studies. They provide a wide knowledge and demonstrate the field make them learn via observation learning.

Higher National Diploma is the UK’s higher education qualification, which can aid you to get entry into top universities and educational institutions at advanced level and in some case it is equivalent to the second year of a three-year degree program in UG degree, or the third year of a 4-year university program , or – in a few cases – equivalent to a university degree. HID’s are particularly designed to help you out with the skills and knowledge set for a particular field of work; they can lead directly to a career. HID qualifications can also be used to step further within your existing career to gain professional status, whereas the diploma can aid deep learning in your area of interest, it can provide a path towards the new educational region. They meant to provide a key concept of a course and provide observational learning, they are the very little qualifications that can fetch a job-based on your skillset and knowledge in order to get a decent job or better recognition consider higher education even as a part-time.


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