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All you need to know about the career path of an Automobile Engineer

Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with operating, manufacturing, and designing automobiles. The field also tackles working on cars’ mechanical, electrical, software, and safety aspects.

What does an automobile engineer do? They are primarily responsible for testing and developing vehicle components straight from the conceptualization stage to the production stage. A ready-made vehicle also needs to be improved even after production. This also falls under an automobile engineer. He or she is responsible for collating feedback in order to improve a vehicle’s performance.

After finishing your automobile engineering program, you can then opt to specialize in areas such as aerodynamics, electronics, alternative fuels, emissions, ergonomics, chassis, manufacturing, motorsport, supply chain management, vehicle and pedestrian safety, and a lot more.

In the modern world, the rapid growth of the car industry has fueled the demand for skilled automobile professionals. This, in turn, creates a great opportunity with high rewards for people who wish to enrol and specialize in the field. The current industry with the maximum opportunities for automobile engineers is in automobile manufacturing. This is due to the increasing demand for vehicles globally. Apart from manufacturing, certain job opportunities can also be found in service stations, private transport companies and defence services. If you are an entrepreneur by heart, you can also set up your own automobile garage or maintenance workshops.

Currently, a large demand for automobile professionals can be found in the GCC region. Countries such as Qatar, UAE, KSA and others have huge demands for cars. UAE and KSA are also known for a high thirst in innovation.

So, with all that said, what are the steps in coming on board with this current market trend? The most crucial steps is getting certified by enrolling yourself in a reputable academy with course engineering. Choosing a good school will not only affect your learning but also influence the kind of job opportunities that will come after you finish your course.

ASTI Academy is KHDA approved and offers an

Automobile engineering course in Dubai

to students from different geographies in GCC. The course engineering is developed to be highly flexible, affordable, and vocation-based to make sure that it meets the requirements of enriching its students. Moreover, they also help students lookout for opportunities after graduation. The academy has a strong placement cell comprised of a group of volunteers that coordinates with several companies to guide students in immediately getting hired after finishing the program. This initiative is unique only to ASTI Academy and is usually nonexistent in other schools. They also provide online courses amidst the current situation of social distancing. Students can opt for online classes that are best suitable for their schedules. The academy offers a variety of courses including mechanical engineering in Dubai, façade engineering in Dubai, vocational courses for electricians, electrical engineering courses in Dubai, design engineer courses in Dubai, and a lot more.

Choosing a career path is vital to our own personal growth. It is therefore important to make sure that you due your own due diligence on the market situation, job opportunities and the right schools you can get into.

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