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Dubai and Abu Dhabi are among the topmost business hubs in the world. Now that they have the most attention, they try to make themselves not just presentable but also beautiful. Various parts of the world have their own signature styles. From Venice’s boats to the Gothic Style of Paris, the world is trying to leave its mark in almost anything and everything to stay in the competition.

Course on Landscape Technology
Abu Dhabi and Dubai were never behind, but now they raised their levels and are challenging their competitors even more. With United Nations announcing there being only twelve years for warming effects to harm us, all the landscape designers and architects are moving towards protecting the earth with their works. From living green walls to office plants, they are splashing the color green to the rich contrast of the luxury they are esteemed with. With the huge surge in every sector of the country, the demand to make it alluring is also advancing. There are a lot of Decorators booming and this place is now buzzing even more opportunities.


1. Plant Containers
Simplicity. Versatility. Beauty. Low Maintenance. These are the things we focus mostly on while choosing indoor plants. One big advantage with interior plants they merge with many background themes. They are easy to place. But choosing the right plant, right pot, and right place is a difficult task. There are many varieties of indoor plants available. From Bromeliads to succulents many varieties are available.

In the above picture, it can be noticed that the plants easily fit into the white background and also merge with the brown flooring. This is a regular home usage style. But this does not typically end there. It can be extended to a full-scale office environment too. The plants can be used at varying temperatures and are moisture-loving. To make a beautiful panache of them, just place them on a table among other colorful materials or albums or books. And voila! There is an aesthetic beauty!

2. Hanging Plants
It is typically used in commercial businesses too. A simple plant can cover a very large distance. The lights around it reflect the different shades of the leaves creating various similar shades. This simple idea is blooming in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for some years and continues to be on the rise.

3. Moss Walls
Recently, Biophilia has taken over the UAE interior market with a force to be reckoned with. Moss walls are easy to maintain are available in various shades of green to match any interior. The unused space can be filled with colorful walls without causing any abrupt interruptions. With the different shades of dark and light green, this wall creates a sense of distinction among the wood. It highlights more and fills all unnecessary spaces easily. Crevices can also be neatly filled with these ideas. Many decorators in UAE now prefer this style as it is not just easy and efficient but also charming.

4. Plant Wires
In UAE, generally there are high rise buildings. The ceilings are high. This creates a lot of open spaces on the wall where any form of interiors cannot be easily added or adjusted. With the latest advancements in the field of interiors and technology, a new style called Plant wires has manifested.

A very subtle technique it is, to leave the plants hanging freely from the ceiling to the floor. It is a lavish style that also allows one to make use of the floor and does not crowd the area but keeps it intact. Technology is surely making our lives easier.


1. The Open Lawn

Simplicity at its best. That is the best way to describe the most classic method of exterior designing. A well-mowed lawn gives space and creates an elegant view. In the image, a simple yin-yang frame is used. The lawn is divided into two. One elevated and the other is lower. A round path is made around to walk freely. There are plants around the path and some potted shrubs also. A table with a couple of chairs makes it the best evening tea spot.

This is one of the best styles and can be recreated in many forms by many professionals in the UAE. With many ideas and spaces, the professionals are flourishing the areas with creative ideas.

2. Stepping Stones
A style that came into bloom recently, stepping stones can be used in the backyard or the front yard to add an immaculate way to walk around with ease. In the picture, the stones are placed as steps in the lawn to create a foothold. Different plants are potted around that lawn. Also, a table is placed on a stone base. This is an indoor based style. But it is most widely used in exteriors.

3. Patio
An idea being used for over generations and still widely used. Patios and courtyards are always admired. They are cheery and colorful lifting one’s spirits at any time. With bright colored flowers and different varieties and species of plants arranged in an assorted pace, it can bring calm to the mind.

A straightforward style that adds gorgeous looks. Most of the designers in the UAE can invent this style with a wide range of options.

4. Framed Walkway
Sounds similar to Stepping stones but it is only very so slightly. In a framed walkway, the path to walk around is framed and is totally fixed or concrete with contrast to stones as a path on the lawn.

There are shrubs around the pathway creating easy movement on the path. Also, there is no grass hindering the movement of footing in this style. The range of plants can be chosen in many ways to manipulate the entire overview of the path.


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