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What is KHDA and why is it important when choosing a technical academy and vocational academy?

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority or commonly referred to as KHDA is a vital pillar to Dubai’s scholastic performance. It was established by a decree in 2006 under the directive of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Its primary purpose is to act as the quality assurance regulatory of the government of Dubai and guarantee that the education and human resource sectors in the emirate achieve and maintain international standards and best practice. Under its umbrella are private education facilities such as early childhood educational centers, schools, higher education providers, and training institutes.

KHDA is tasked to assess and continually inspect the quality of course offerings across the emirate. The key areas of its assessment can range from academic attainment in core subjects to the quality of management leadership at a school. The government body also aims to support the delivery of high quality technical and vocational education and training in response to the growing demand of residents and employers alike.

With Dubai’s strategic location and the growing demand for labor, numerous training institutes have come into picture. With a plethora of options, choosing the right academy can sometimes be misleading. It is therefore a great help that students can refer to a government body to educate them on which academy is better. The level of KHDA’s scrutiny and strict assessment of Dubai schools is the reason that it’s important to choose an approved Technical and Vocational Education and Training academy.

ASTI is KHDA approved Academy or KHDA approved technical institute.

Since its inception in 1995, we have continuously aimed at producing quality courses that are proven effective. We are known for our teaching method that has brought out the best from our students through a practical approach. This allows them to be exposed in real-life situations thus creating a more sustainable learning curve in gaining their educational certificates.The academy offers a variety of courses including mechanical engineering in Dubai, façade engineering, vocational courses for electricians, electrical engineering courses in Dubai, design engineer courses, and a lot more.

Our KHDA approval has validated our belief in a job-oriented training with assessments based on assignments and a one-to-one interaction with faculty members. ASTI does not use exams as basis of performance. Instead of memorizing theories and concepts, we grade our students based on their ability to apply knowledge on practical assignments throughout the course period. This has been widely accepted and applauded by our past and current students mentioning how such an environment encouraged them to focus more on practical applications. We also make sure that our students get all the support they need for the duration of their specific course. They will all be assigned to a councillor who is tasked to guide them on their studies. Apart from this, we also believe in flexibility. Understanding that our students may have work and personal commitments, we also offer part-time classes and flexible payment options.

Whether you are looking at course civil engineering in Dubai, course for mechanical engineering, or any other technical programs, it is therefore not only essential to make sure that you spend on the right education but more importantly where you enroll to get that education. Choose a KHDA approved institution that has built innovative learning programs with the focus of providing sustainable teaching methods to its students. ASTI is your right choice.

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