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Affordable Education
The fee structure in Dubai is affordable and is in your pockets compared to the US and UK. The interesting fact is that most of the international courses in Dubai are accredited by US or UK University and still the fees are low. “Study Engineering in Dubai and get globally recognized” is the new buzzword among the Education sector in Dubai.

Land of opportunities
Name a Global Brand in any Engineering stream, be it in construction or car manufacturing one could see its presence in Dubai. With the growing Economy and Tax-Free nature and the presence of over thousands of reputed organizations across the globe, Dubai is a land opportunity for engineers.

The country with a very low unemployment rate
As per the report from the government of Dubai, the unemployment rate has decreased to 0.5% when compared to the global rate.

Engineering the second most preferred course in Dubai
With 9088 students, engineering is the second most preferred choice among the Dubai student community in the year 2017. And the preference for engineering is more likely to increase in 2020 due to global exposure and a high rate of opportunities. If there is a search for Diploma courses in Dubai (or) Technical training courses in Dubai (or) Short term course for jobs in Dubai, Engineering discipline is the most preferred choice after business.

Education sectors and Industry Interaction
Institutes or University in Dubai have a very strong interaction with industry, this makes the students participate in real-time projects and helps them to be industry-ready before completing the course. “Being industry ready” is the new tune that the world listens to and institutes or universities in Dubai are the best in playing the tune.

Numerous Engineering Disciplines to choose
Like your dream, Engineering courses in Dubai are not restricted to a few disciplines. Various Engineering institutes, Technical training institutes and diploma training institutes in Dubai offer different streams of courses in engineering. With more than 30 engineering streams one could choose their desired specialization.

Great living standards and Safety
Dubai is definitely one of the safest countries to live in the world.  Most of the population in Dubai is foreign population. Being a real estate and tourism-driven economy Dubai’s lifestyle is easier to adopt. Dubai a highly monitored country and reliable police is very safe to live.

High academic standards and Education a top priority in Dubai
Most of the institutes provide high standard education which is globally recognized. The UAE Vision 2021 by MoE (Ministry of Education -UAE), highlights the increase of a top-notch education system. With the vision and its reforms, the education sector has achieved a remarkable expansion. As per the report of BCG (Boston Consulting Group), the UAE’s education market is expected to grow from $4.4 billion in 2017 to $7.1 billion by 2023.

Easy Entry to the USA, UK & Canada
Many of the courses offered by institutes or universities in Dubai are accredited by UK Education regulators. And hence entry to the UK is easy for higher education.

Luxury is engineered in Dubai
With the world’s tallest building, the world’s largest manmade island, world’s first 7-star hotel, the world’s longest automated metro and with the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai is definitely among the most preferred choice to study engineering with luxury and affordability.

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