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Young students and knowledge seekers are always up to learning new things. One must enroll in reputed engineering universities to have a steep knowledge of a subject. Speaking of which, the students are generally confused while deciding the major and type of engineering. To help out the students of UAE, we list the basic points and ins and out in both areas.

On doing a technical degree or a university degree, the level of qualification, the course content, area of specialization, the duration, of course, the availability, of course, affordability. And finally, the cost affordability. We will discuss each topic and in the end, it will be easier for you to make your mind on engineering admission.

The level of qualification
The basic difference between a university degree and a technical engineering course will be the level of qualification. Depending on your interest, job availability, experiment, and knowledge, the degree courses take its side, however a difference in the level of qualification arises a few questions like,

How well do you know the subject basics?
What after a degree?
How significant is the area of your interest?

To get to know the various degrees available in UAE universities, do spend time discussing with professionals, and a pre-research on a specific degree can be helpful in making better decisions.

The course content
Considering the course content, the engineering degree is framed more theoretically and is expected to have an academic schedule, whereas the technical degree takes sides to teach the students with practical applications.

For example: Let’s focus on the instrumentation engineering, the technical engineering has many specialized courses in protocols circuits, networking systems and on the contractor, the engineering degree has all concepts bound together as an academic.

The degree precisely sweeps through basic and technical degrees goes in-depth to a particular region. The technical person can actually learn skills in a practical way and expertise in the desired field.

Area of specialization
The degree programs offered at universities in UAE are full-time, broad and campus-based programs, most of them carry the duration of 4 years.
Students can also opt for internships at their extraordinary performance during their course period.

Some exciting degree programs offered in the UAE are

  • Bachelor of computer and networking engineering technology
  • Bachelor of design
  • Bachelor of technology in civil engineering.
  • Bachelor of hotel management.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design.


The technical and diploma courses found are

  • Diploma in psychology
  • Technical course in photography
  • Specialization in social care
  • Specialization in hotel management
  • The most advantage in technical is that you will have in-depth knowledge in technical and wider concepts in degree.


Duration of the course:
The engineering course is taken for full-time schedules in 4 years’ time. The degree can be achieved only when the students complete all 4 years without any backlogs.
Whereas a technical certification can be done full-time, within a period of 1-years based on the course. The national certificate will be awarded after the completion of the learnership under an approved employee.
Both the technical and degree engineering can be done part-Time in certain universities of UAE. The students can prefer to enquire about the university regarding the duration of part-time.

Places of study:
Various universities of UAE offering scholarships and learning programs for foreign country students. A degree can be achieved in authorized universities, and affiliated institutions only. Considering a technical engineering/diploma can be entertained in different institutions. To enroll in universities of UAE, few entrances have to give as per the university’s norms.
Various universities give merits and scholarships to students who top the entrance.

The biggest fears of the student community are that the desired course of interest may cost more pounds. The education opportunity in the UAE costs a fortune, most private university in UAE offers courses from AED 35,000. The course structure varies all over many universities. The increasing high price is due to the rental charges of the university.

Colleges and institutions that offer technical degrees are generally much more affordable, and since the duration of the course is less, it has more advantages.  According to UAE higher education is not mandatory as the school education. So the students who are not financially stable, after the school’s education take up a technical course for the early placements in the job.

Certain universities help the students by allowing them to pay the fee by installations. And regarding the technical course, if the students get to pass with the destination, they will receive special merit awards and scholarships.

So, these are the risks and challenges in the technical engineering and engineering degree to be considered before taking a decision.  The students can pursue an engineering degree or technical course from a university after doing detailed research.

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