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What comes next after High School?

At ASTI Academy, our bridging program helps your child get one step closer to their future. With our enriching educational experience, they can complete their 13th Grade directly after the 11th and 12th year.

Transitioning from High School to College/University

Providing Stability and Support in a Changing World

Are you a student leaving high school this year? Or are you a parent whose child is taking the next step in their educational journey?

Learn more about our educational offer! Throughout the transition from High School to university, we’ll guide you every step of the way. We’ll also offer advice and help you secure your place for this September intake. Get the most out of your university experience once you start studying at ASTI Academy.

Our academic faculty, and even our current students and alumni, are always available for your inquiries and guide you on your decisions. Join us every Friday and Saturday for an Open House Tour of the campus to know more.

NO EXAMS needed as entry requirements

Your skills are assessed at the time of admission, not your grades. No need to worry about your failed or incomplete High School studies.

What to consider when choosing a university?

  1. Accreditation
  2. Quality of Teaching & Learning
  3. Practical & Skill-Based Learning
  4. Flexible Payment Methods
  5. Recognition of the Certification

How can you transfer your credits overseas if you want to study abroad?

At ASTI Academy, you can complete up to 240 credits of your British Qualification [Level 5] which is equivalent until the first two years of Bachelor’s Degree. The remaining credits can be completed in any university by transferring your credits and gaining entry into the final year.

How does ASTI Academy support the students’ well-being during the pandemic?

To show our solidarity this difficult time, ASTI Academy supports their students by giving scholarships. The only thing that the parents have to do is to provide us with documents from the company of the Ministry of Labour acknowledging/stating the loss of job and/or reduction in salary of any of the parents. We want your child to experience quality education without worrying about financial status.

How can you enjoy the full educational experience at ASTI Academy?

Because we want our students to be immersed in their chosen programs, ASTI Academy ensured that we have the following benefits in our school:

  • Well-Equipped Labs
  • Student Internship Programs
  • Site-Visits/Industry Visits for ASTI Students

How can you prepare to stand out in your future job?

ASTI Academy supports our students before they set out with us, on the day of their studies, and after they graduate. We believe that through this supportive system, we are made aware of how we nurtured our students into the amazing leaders that they are now. We are and will always be proud of whatever they will and have accomplished in life.

All of our programs have the same validation and monitoring system as those offered in universities. At ASTI Academy, you can complete your Bachelor’s Degree through a pathway with our partnered universities.

Step out of your comfort zone and discover unique ways of learning. Students can get involved in a wide range of sporting activities. They can also explore new hobbies with our Student Social Clubs, as well as take part in field trips, and participate in national and international competitions to reach their fullest potential.

ASTI Academy has produced over 478,000 graduates from more than 100 nationalities. Our students have the opportunity to work, learn and benefit in a multicultural environment. This allows them to get and share insights and viewpoints from an internationally diverse range of students and faculty.

We provide students with the opportunity to transfer their studies to one of our partnered universities for their final year. This enables them to explore a new culture and build overseas contacts whilst benefiting from the same high quality teaching that they’ve experienced at ASTI Academy.

ASTI College has developed a strong research culture and many of our academic faculty have been internationally recognized as leaders in their field. Our students are able to benefit from the opportunities to attend and participate in events that could potentially help them be efficient future leaders. Through this, we believe that they will gain valuable industry knowledge, get referrals and be made aware of what to expect once they graduate.

ASTI Academy provides student visas for all non-national students enrolled in any of our programs. Our dedicated team ensures that this process is carried out smoothly and efficiently.

At ASTI Academy, we value how our students excel in their chosen program. We understand the effort and hardship it took to achieve their goals. With that being said, we reward our students for their current and ongoing accomplishments that range from Academic and Sporting Excellence Scholarships to Corporate Study Grants.

ASTI Students studying in our undergraduate programs can hold part time jobs to any of the 4,500 businesses located in the free zones. The classes are held in the evening every Sunday to Thursday between 6:30pm to 9:30pm, enabling the students to balance their career and education.

What really sets Dubai apart is its ability to attract the world’s top companies, providing plenty of opportunities for graduates too fast track their career in a multitude of professional roles. We have extensive connections with local and international organizations, allowing students to gain insight and network with professionals at the top of their game. Many of our programs are also accredited and recognized by leading professional bodies, meaning our graduates may also gain exemptions from examinations or specific units of professional qualifications.

Career Progression


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