Students who want to study in UAE are issued with a UAE Student Visa. Student visa are offered for full-time programs. UAE student visas are valid for a period of 12 months. International students are required to renew their student visas at the end of the 12 month period if their program is longer than that period.

ASTI Academy provides student visa for all students residing and/or not residing in the UAE. This allows students to study and reside in the country for a 1 year (renewable ) period, to cover the duration of your program. Residency visas are required for all international students and residents over the age of 18 who currently reside in Dubai.

Documents Required
To apply for visa sponsorship, the following documents are required:

  • Clear colour passport copy (with at least 6 months validity )
  • 2 Passport size photos (white background)
  • Receipt for visa, Deposit and tuition fee.
  • Copy of current visa (If you are inside UAE)
  • Copy of offer of admission letter (only for new students)

The new visa application process normally takes 3 – 5 weeks and normally applications undergo a security check by UAE government authorities. However, some application can take up to 1 month or more. Some visa applicants may also be required to submit additional documents by the UAE government authorities.

Important notes to obtain a student’s visa

  • Need to pay the registration fee
  • Students are not allowed to work in either full time or part time jobs.
  • Students are not allowed to take a semester off and remain on the ASTI sponsorship at the same time. A sponsored students who wants to take leave of absence or planning to stay out of UAE for more than six months should get the visa cancelled prior to proceeding for leave. Failure to adhere to this procedure will have a penalty ranges between AED 3500 to AED 5000.

All visa applications will undergo UAE immigration security clearance and this process will take 3 to 5 weeks. ASTI will not be responsible for the rejection of visa application or delay in obtaining security clearance.

Visa fees and security deposit

  • If the student is outside the country, the Visa Fee will be AED 5150/- payable.
  • If the student is inside the UAE and want to transfer to student visa without leaving the country, the fee AED 7,025/- is applicable.
  • Visa security Deposit: An additional refundable fee of AED 5000 is to be paid as a visa security deposit, which will be partially refunded once the visa has been cancelled since the cancellation charges will be deducted from this amount. If the student cannot be able to pay security deposit student can surrender (submit) the passport as guarantee. Once the student has submitted the security deposit of AED 5000, he/she can request to handover the passport. If the student is in a sharing accommodation, it is highly recommended for him to submit the passport to the Institution so that the document can be kept safe in lockers.
  • If any ASTI sponsored student is staying in any other accommodation facility provider other than of the Institution or any of Institution partnered accommodation, he/she has to submit AED 2500/- as a security deposit which will be fully refunded at the end if there aren’t any pending dues.

For more information
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