asti scale to dubai

What is Scale 2 Dubai ?

After a great success of EXPO 2020, the government of Dubai has come
up with an amazing project idea called Scale2Dubai.
Scale 2 Dubai is District 2020’s global entrepreneurship program which
offers startups and small businesses, with a proven track record in their
countries, an opportunity to scale to Dubai.

How can you set up your Business in Dubai?

  1. Visit ASTI Academy Website Go to the footer menu and click ,on the scale2dubai button.
  2. Register Yourself Get registered to know the latest updates and details for business setup info.
  3. Idea Presentation Presenting your ideas & plans to the authorities.
  4. Business Setup Your documents verification & finalizing the scope of work. Success You will get a free-of-cost workspace for 2 years and a visa (two years validity)

Sustainable Future

Enabled Network The largest city in the world to be fully covered by a 5G enabled network. Latest Meters
Smart metering and sensors to monitor the energy consumption and efficiency of power, light, water, and climate conditioning systems.

Building 123 LEED-certified buildings, epitomizing the highest levels of sustainable design, construction, and operations test.

It will also be the first WELL-certified community in the region, demonstrating the built environment’s positive impact on health and wellness

Smart ways of intelligent transport and mobility network. To improves transfer
speed and reduces transfer costs between different modes of transportation.

A Study Of UAE Higher Education Qualification

Opportunities you have from EXPO City Dubai.

Rove Expo 2020 puts you at the heart of Expo City Dubai Featuring a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and bar, it’s the perfect base from which to attend conferences at expo city Dubai and explore the city, or simply to relax at the rooftop pool.

Explore the mall and snap up gems at the boutiques with the variety of options available, take some time out to pamper yourself or spruce up your wardrobe.

Where foodies meet continue to tantalize your taste buds with fine dining, local flavors, tempting snacks, and refreshing watering holes around the city.

Some of Expo 2020s most iconic attractions. Al Wasl Plaza, Garden in the Sky, and the Surreal water feature will entice visitors back with the new addition to be announced soon.

Exclusive venues, stags, and dynamic settings for street performances. We saw some amazing performances during EXPO 2020 Dubai: Expo City Dubai will continue to offer performances and spaces for local and regional events.