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Higher International Diploma in
Computer Science

ASTI Academy is offering a British vocational qualification in Computer Science via our program Higher International Diploma in Computer Science for students and professionals pursuing a career in Computer Science field.

Why Study The Higher Computer Science Diploma at ASTI Academy?

Computer Engineering Program offers the perfect pathway for students and professionals pursuing a career in Computer Engineering fields. This certification is recognized by employers all over the globe.

Students aged 18 and above, with a suitable academic background or related work experience can achieve an engineering qualification that equips them with the core knowledge, skills and techniques to build a successful career in the engineering field.

The selection of specialist modules and technical experience obtained in this Program prepares students with the working practices essential to develop problem solving techniques in a professional engineering environment.

We have designed our Computer Engineering Program to develop your engineering expertise in line with the ever-changing demands of the profession. We will enhance your knowledge in all the essential areas of engineering. We will ensure that your research skills and general understanding are sharp enough to

Mode of Study


Overall Grading



24 Months


Assignment based assessment

This program is accredited by The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai and recognized by universities and employers all over the globe.

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  • Students/Learners with the Age 18 and above.
  • High School Qualification (O levels/A levels/12th) or above.
  • English Language Proficiency.

For working professionals, please refer to the RPL guide to know more about exemptions.

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Career Progression After Graduation

Study in The UK

This program is preparing students to finish top-up undergrad year at a UK University.

Prepare For High Paying Careers

This program is designed to prepare graduates for high paying careers by providing the skills and the Know-How to match with their managerial careers.
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Hassan K.


"This program finally helped me to get the assistant manager promotion I have always wanted. Great opportunity for management work"

Success Stories

Chang D.


"I have a small business in Dubai and this program helped me understand more how to talk with consulting agencies and how to help develop and grow my business and plan for future expansions"
The difference


Upon the successful completion of the course and meeting its entire requirement the Learner will be graduated and be issued a 240 credit Qualification “Level 5 Diploma in Computer Science” which is equivalent to the second year of a UK Bachelor’s Degree. HID is a Level 5 qualification (equivalent to the second year of a UK Bachelor’s Degree). There is an embedded level 4 exit route to the qualification.