Higher International Diploma in

Automobile Engineering

The Higher International Diploma in Automobile Engineering offers the perfect pathway for students and professionals pursuing a career in Automobile engineering fields. This British vocational qualification is recognized by universities and employers all over the globe.

Students aged 18 and above, with a suitable academic background or related work experience can achieve an engineering qualification that equips them with the core knowledge, skills and techniques to build a successful career in the engineering field.

The selection of specialist modules and technical experience obtained in this Program prepares students with the working practices essential to develop problem solving techniques in a professional engineering environment.

This Qualification offers a pathway to a rewarding career in the fields of Automobile Engineering.

Automobile engineers utilize their imagination and information on arithmetic and material science to configuration, fabricate and deal with the advances and frameworks that are major to the prosperity and headway of society. Automobile designing keeps on being a significant manager of expert architects, attributable to the expanding difficulties of delivering and productive vehicles and headway in automobile technology.