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Piping Technology Programme

The piping technology programme is a multi-disciplinary field of study having its roots in other engineering studies including chemical, mechanical, civil, and electrical also instrumentation and control. The engineering sectors as well as companies hosting formal in-house training for the piping design had made it a fast-track training opportunity.

Piping technology today is an industrially accepted course and ASTI has become a pioneer in piping technology programs in all aspects of piping design and provides training to match the industry needs. The piping industry is expected to see a considerable change with a possibility of growth in the future.


The Internationally accredited Piping technology training programme from ASTI improve your technical skill and will help you to achieve a standard professional career. Pipeline engineering is an important aspect in chemical, pharmaceutical, power plants, LPG / CNG Plants, refineries, distribution systems, oil and petrochemical plants.

Earlier, this whole piping saga used to be managed by Civil Engineers mostly. But with the advancement of technology, this field became more and more developed. Now, it has reached such a scale that specialization courses are also being offered in Piping Technology!

Aims & Objectives 

Piping Engineers are required by almost all heavy-scale industries. They are required for project planning, construction, commissioning, cost estimation, design, research and development, purchasing of materials, etc.Pipes have always been an integral part, when it comes to Large, medium as well as small-scale industries.

This piping technology programme from ASTI is offered to fresher and more experienced (mechanical, petro, chemical)engineers who start their careers as designers or piping engineers. At ASTI, learners can improve their design knowledge and skills taught by our industry experts.

Mode of Study

On Campus / Online


3 Months/ 6 Months


Assignment based assessment
No Exams Involved

Piping Technology Programme Specification

Piping Engineering is a branch of engineering disciplines that focuses on analyzing the behavior of liquids and gases and the development of fluid mechanics and using knowledge in the piping system design and engineering. A Piping Engineer is responsible for design and engineering for the piping components and systems including the plant layout (plot plans) development.

Course Title Piping Technology Programme
Course Type Professional Certification Programme
Accreditation status Accredited
Recognition Internationally Recognized
Application For National Students

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Application For International Students

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  • Students/Learners with Age 18 & Above.
  • Highschool qualifications (O Level  / A levels/ 12th)
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Also refer to the RPL guide to know more about exemptions (for working professionals only).
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Piping Technology Career Pathways

Piping engineering is a niche field, it has its utility mainly in designing of oil and gas refineries, power plants, pharmaceutical plants, metal and mining plants, etc.

Piping Engineer

The piping engineer is responsible for designing the piping systems that carry water, steam, gas, oil, two-phase mixture, waste, or other fluid. He must have some knowledge of mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, and instrumentation engineering so as to discuss and understand requirements and problems with engineers in these fields.

Piping Designer

Piping designers develop designs and plans for piping systems and related plumbing infrastructures. They create models, drawings, and schematics, often in 2D and 3D formats using a variety of designing programs and tools.

Stress Engineer

A stress engineer is a professional who specializes in assessing the stresses on complex objects when in use. They work in fields such as the aerospace, nautical and medical industries. Stress engineers play a key role in the development of new machinery by ensuring that designs can safely handle the rigors they are likely to face in use.

How Are Classes conducted?

Lectures conduct live classes and for the students who requested virtual classes conducted via online classes.

What Kind Of Certificate will I receive at the end of the program?

Students will receive  UAE Government recognized KHDA-approved certificate.

Is this program approved by KHDA?

Yes, All our programs approved by KHDA.

How will I be assessed? Will there be any exams?

For each module, you’ll have regular assessments to help you keep on track. There will be no exams.

I don’t have a background in piping technology program, am I eligible for the course?

Yes, you are. Whether you already work in the industry and want to take your career forward, or you’re looking for a change in direction, you’re eligible to study piping technology from ASTI

How do I pay for the course?

You’ll be able to pay your fees over the duration of your course or in installments. Also ASTI offers an early payment discount* to students paying their annual tuition fee in full at the start of their course.

Is pipeline engineering in demand?

Pipeline engineers are in high demand due to the current state of the energy industry. With hard work and dedication, you can become a pipeline engineer and make a difference in the world.

Is piping design a good career?

The Piping engineering domain offers lots of benefits for mechanical engineers, such as it offers lucrative packages, core engineering experience, high job satisfaction and huge opportunities around the world.