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Are you from UAE? Are you a professional without a degree? Are you feeling insecure because of your degree?

Then this is the thing just for you. In 2020 the UAE is looking forward for qualified and certified professionals. Don’t get tensed about it! I have a simple solution for you. JUST DO YOUR BACHELORS! What? Bachelors at this age? I have a job and I have no time for it? These questions will be arising in you now. There is some other way you want to check that? If you want that then you have to read this till the end. I’m sorry, I have no other options. Now let’s get into the way.

The only solutions for you are the courses of Higher International Diploma. Let me say more about it. Actually, it is a 2-year course in which you can specialize in your favorite engineering stream. By the completion of this course, you will reach level 5 in your stream according to UK based education system. And there is one more additional feature that you do not need to write any exams entirely in this course. This is because it’s a vocational based educational system in which you will not be stuck with your books only. You will be having hands-on training from expertized professionals from many industries. You will be evaluated based on the assignments that you have completed during the course period.

And there are three bonuses for doing this course. Firstly, If you are completing the higher international diploma you can directly enter level 6 in your stream which is equal to bachelor’s and also you can enter into the final of the bachelor’s degree offered by the Universities. Secondly, If you are not able to complete this entire course in a single stretch the break will not create any problem on your course. You can resume the course from the point you took the break. Thirdly,  It’s an exciting one, We are arranging facilities for the industrial professionals to complete this course as a fast-track.

How can I spend months on a course by leaving my job?

Is this your doubt?Here is where Al Shabaka Technical Institute (ASTI) comes into play. In ASTI, we provide weekend classes especially for our working students just by considering their busy schedules into account. ASTI provides  Learning Management System (LMS) – to support education anytime, anywhere. A fully feasible platform to gain knowledge. ASTI comes under Government of Dubai, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), National Qualification Authority (NQA), TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training), Qualification and Awards in Dubai (QAD).
Worried about the fees?

If they are giving this much offers then they will have a huge fee!
Thinking like this?No need to worry at all. ASTI offers a very low fee as compared to other universities in Dubai. And we also provide flexible payment methods for the required students.

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