Level 3 Foundation programs

A foundation program is a one-year introductory course or “gateway program” designed to ensure a student advance to a degree course by developing skills and subject-specific knowledge. They could be provided as independent one-year courses or combined with degree programs. Some programs are designed for students who can’t obtain passing grades in A Levels, while others are aimed toward those who didn’t get the chance to pursue such certifications.

The pathway program for a bachelor’s degree in engineering, business management, information technology, or education & training was made possible by the ASTI Academy level 3 Foundation programs. The program’s curriculum complies with both the University’s strict accreditation requirements and its stated educational objectives.

UK Level System

UK Level System

What Is Level 3 ?

Level 3 qualification is designed to help learners develop the knowledge and skills required to progress in their chosen areas of the industry. It is a  similar level to an A-level. Once this qualification is completed there are lots of options & opportunities for what you can do next. Completers could use the credits gained from qualification to progress to a UK University degree.

Successful completion of Level 3 Foundation programs for Higher Education Studies provides learners the opportunity for academic progressions to a wide range of undergraduate programs.

  • Online
  • On campus
  • Blended Mode Available
  • January
  • May
  • September
  • 1 Year ( 2 Semesters)

Explore ASTI Level 3 Foundation Programs

Why Choose Level 3 Foundation Programs?

ASTI Academy level 3 foundation programs was designed for those who are seeking to gain entry into the higher education qualification. It provides learners with a foundation to provide an entry route to UK and international university courses. This one year program helps you to progress successfully to under graduate programs.

  • Provides learners with industry knowledge, transferable skills, and behaviors to prepare them for a career or further education.
  • Recognized by many universities and Higher Education Institutes worldwide, as an entry qualification to relevant first-year degrees and Higher National programs.
  • Save 2 years for a student by clubbing 11th& 12th both into 1 year of study.


The students get the opportunity to make their education further affordable with ASTI scholarships.

Working Professional Scholarship
Early Applicant Discount
Alumni Scholarship
Community Engagement Scholarship
Merit Scholarship

Our Recognition & Accreditation

ASTI Academy is Recognized & Accredited by the Government of Dubai, KHDA,  Ofqual, TVET, QAD and multiple global educational legal bodies, proving government-approved vocational educational qualification programs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.ASTI Accreditation & Recognition

Entry Requirements For Level 3 Foundation Programs

ASTI Academy Level 3 foundation programs can be offered to learners from age 16 and above. ASTI does not specify entry requirements but ensures that learners admitted to the program have sufficient capability at the right level to undertake the learning and assessment criteria.

ASTI must ensure learners are recruited with integrity onto appropriate qualifications that will meet their needs, enable and facilitate learning, and achievement and enable progression. English Language Proficiency as the qualification is offered in English.

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Planning Your Next Steps After Level 3 foundation?


Qualification Placement Level
Holder Of Level 3 Qualification Entry To The UK  Level (4 &  5 ) Qualification
Holder Of Level 5 Qualification Final Year Top Up degree In Top UK Universities(Pathway)
Level 3 Foundation Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the Foundation programs?

Students as young as 16 can enroll in level 3 foundation programs from ASTI Academy.

What is the difference between foundation degrees & Foundation Programs?

Foundation degrees are university-level courses leading to a Level 5 qualification. Foundation programs are usually one-year, pre-university courses at Level 3/4 that aid entry into the degree-level study.

How this foundation program is assessed?

This program is assessed by the written assignment and there will be no exams for this foundation program from ASTI.

Is Level 3 a degree?

Level 3 qualifications are A-level access to a higher education diploma.

Level 3 program is for whom?

This course is designed for individuals

  • Who do not have a formal qualification for access to higher education and want to obtain one.
  • Have a limited experience of work and want to increase their knowledge.
  • Who are new to the work environment.

How do these qualifications provide transferable employability skills?

In these Academy Level 3 units, there are opportunities during the teaching and learning phase to give learners practice in developing employability skills. Where we refer to employability skills in this specification, we are generally referring to skills in the following categories:

  • Cognitive and problem-solving skills – using critical thinking
  • Approaching non-routine problems, applying expert and creative solutions
  • Using systems and technology
  • Interpersonal skills – communicating, working collaboratively
  • Negotiating and influencing, self-presentation
  • Interpersonal skills – self-management, adaptability, and resilience
  • Self-monitoring and development

Why foundation program is important?

Foundation programs allow you to develop the academic skills you will need to succeed in tertiary education. This ranges from general study skills (such as academic writing, time management, and independent research) to knowledge in specific areas related to your chosen field.

What is the difference between a foundation and a diploma?

A diploma has a higher qualification compared to a foundation program. A diploma is typically an acceptable qualification for you to enter the workforce.

A Foundation Program is a study course, designed to fill the gap in the level needed to gain entry into a bachelor’s degree program.

How long is the foundation programme?

6 months.The Foundation Programme is a pre-university qualification designed to prepare students and O-Levels equivalents for undergraduate studies.

Is a foundation diploma a qualification?

A foundation diploma is a qualification that combines academic learning with work-based skills. Designed in conjunction with universities, colleges, and employers, these qualifications focus on helping students gain in-demand, job-specific skills that they can practically apply in the workplace.

What do you study in the foundation programme?

A foundation programme is a structured programme that aims to develop the skills and knowledge required for higher studies. Foundation programmes are sometimes called “gateway” or “year-zero” programmes. Foundation programs focus on academic skills and the subject-specific knowledge you may need for you to choose higher qualifications.

How does a foundation year work?

Foundation years (Year 0) are an opportunity for students who can’t enter Year 1 of the course to study for one year before moving on to Year 1 of the course. Foundation years give students the opportunity to learn more about the subject and develop the necessary skills for the course.

Why did you choose a foundation programme from ASTI?

ASTI gives you the opportunity for the learners to get an understanding of your field of interest before progressing to higher education.  Also, at ASTI learners will get the subject knowledge, to gain the skills needed for higher-level study.

What is the foundation-level study?

Foundation or pathway programmes are designed to prepare students for higher education qualification, but also to develop skills in Critical and independent thinking., Computer use and research.

How will I learn and be assessed?

Our foundation programmes are designed to provide you with the required skills to excel in your higher studies. This could comprise a combination of lectures, workshops, tutorials and projects.

Which programmes can I study after my foundation year?

Most of our programmes can be accessed via our foundation programme pathways. For more detailed information, please click here to get connect with our admission counsellors.

Is ASTI Foundation program is accepted by universities?

Yes, ASTIS foundation program is accepted nationally & internationally by all the universities. If a learner want to pursue his /her higher education from the university after completing ASTIS foundation program, he/she can transfer the credit to the chosen university to enroll the higher education program.