Level 3 Diploma In Engineering 

ASTI offers a wide range of access to level 3 engineering diploma courses designed to fit your lifestyle. The Diploma is designed for learners aged 16 and above who have been out of full-time education for some time and can provide a progression route to higher education. ASTI Level 3 Engineering Diploma Program will enable you to gain the key skills and knowledge for future employment or higher education qualification in this field

Program Info

  • Level 3
  • Online/On Campus
  • Blended Mode
  • Regular Classes
  • Weekend Classes
  • 6 Months
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Level 3 Diploma In Engineering | ASTI UAE

Program specification

The aim of the Level 3 Engineering diploma program from ASTI is to develop Knowledge in Engineering and technology to pursue alternative careers within the broad spectrum of engineering. ASTI Level 3 Foundation Diploma in engineering emphasizes is on learning theories, concepts, and practices that will provide knowledge and understanding to enable the learner to analyze, solve and evaluate real engineering problems.

The Level 3 foundation  (Engineering) is a comprehensive program of academic subjects, study skills, and English language. It is specially designed for learners who want to study for an undergraduate degree but do not have the academic qualifications or English level required for direct entry.

Qualification Title Diploma In Engineering
Qualification Level UK Level 3
Accreditation status Accredited
Credit Equivalence 120 credits
Recognition Globally Recognized

Program Modules

Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
L/618/0435 Safety principles in the Engineering workplace 8
H/618/0439 Technical Communication 10
M/618/0427 Engineering Mathematics 10
T/618/0428 Engineering Drawing 10
H/618/0425 Principles of basic electronics and electricals 9
R/618/0436 Mechanical Workshop Practice 10
A/618/0432 Mechanical Engineering Principles 10
A/618/0429 Principles of Electron Devices 11
D/618/0438 CAD Analysis 12
J/618/0434 Basic Civil Engineering 10
D/618/0441 Engineering Project Management 20

Entry Requirements

ASTI Academy Level 3 qualifications can be offered to learners from age 16 and above. ASTI does not specify entry requirements but ensures that learners admitted to the program have sufficient capability at the right level to undertake the learning and assessment criteria.


Assessment will take place via assignments set throughout the year. Assignments will carry success criteria of Pass, Merit, and Distinction grades. You will have tutorial support throughout your study program and one-to-one tutor support and guidance .


ASTI is continuing to develop and enhance its portfolio of engineering programs. This will provide an opportunity for students who successfully complete a Level 3 qualification in these subjects to progress to ASTI level 4 and level 5 courses.

How To Apply For Level 3 Diploma In Engineering?

Application Process For National Students

1. Counseling
Students should submit a request with these links and one of our admissions officers will contact you for counseling.
2. Campus Tour
After counseling, learners will be invited to ASTI for a campus tour so that students can experience the different labs, classrooms, library, auditorium, and more.
3. Application
Learners need to fill out the application form with these links which will be shared with you by the admission officer.
4. Registration
After filling out the application form, learners need to pay the registration fee to block their seats.
5. Offer Letter
Once the registration is done, ASTI will issue an offer letter and the student ID card.
6. Enrollment
Congratulations! Once an Offer Letter has been received, Learners can enroll and start learning from ASTI.

Application Process For International Students

1. E-Counseling
Learners should submit a request with these links and one of our admissions officers will contact you to provide E-Counseling and address all your queries.
2. Application
Learners need to fill out the application form which will be shared with you by the admission officer.
3. Offer Letter
An offer letter will be issued from ASTI once the information provided in the application form has been verified.
4. Interview
An interview will be conducted with learners to discuss in brief the process, fee structure, and program you’re enrolling in.
5. Fee Payment
After the interview, learners need to pay the fee in order to continue with the registration process. Payment details will be shared with you by our admission officers. Register a safe payment of fees using a credit or debit card, or choose any other method of payment available.
6. Visa Application
Once the payment is received, ASTI will send a visa application form which learners need to fill out to proceed with visa processing.
7. Enrollment
A visa copy will be shared with learners and learners can enroll and start learning from ASTI.
Our customer service is available to you throughout the whole process. And start planning to study for your certified international higher diploma at Dubai’s leading technical academy ASTI!

For Any queries, please fill out the contact form below and the ASTI team will contact you shortly to answer all your queries.


  •  For a detailed program fee structure, Please feel free to contact us or connect to our Course Advisors here. Also, you can submit your concern  and our team will get back to you.

Our Recognition & Accreditation

ASTI Academy is Recognized & Accredited by the Government of Dubai, KHDA,  Ofqual, TVET, QAD and multiple global educational legal bodies, proving government-approved vocational educational qualification programs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

ASTI Accreditation & Recognition

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for Level 3 Diploma in engineering program?

Level 3 Diploma In Engineering Program from ASTI is designed to provide a technical foundation for those who wish to build a career in Engineering Sector. Progression from the program would be into the related industry or on to Higher Education to study Engineering and related subjects to enable you to become a successful engineer.

What does the level 3 engineering program involve?

The Level 3 Diploma in Engineering covers a broad range of Engineering topics to fully equip you for your first steps in a career within Engineering, an apprenticeship, or further study. Our expert teachers will guide you through the requirements of the course over 1 year at ASTI Academy. The mixture of classroom learning, and practical experience means you will have the theory and experience to progress in a career within engineering.

How is the program assessed?

Level 3 engineering program is assessed by the submission of the assignments and there are no written exams for diploma programs at ASTI.

Why choose ASTI for level 3 diploma in engineering?

ASTI level 3 diploma in engineering programs helps the learners to:

➡️Boost Your skills
➡️Recognized UK qualification
➡️Get Career ready
➡️Guaranteed progression

Progression Options

Successful completion of the Level 3 Diploma In Engineering from ASTI enables learners’ direct entry into Year 1 of a three-year UK Bachelor’s degree or pursue Level 4 & Level 5 Diplomas in Engineering. Learners completing Level 3 Diploma can look forward to enrolling in ASTI Level 4 & Level 5 qualifications.

Level 5 Higher International Diploma In Automobile Engineering

The aim of these qualifications at ASTI is to train learners to take on various jobs in the automobile industry, such as designing, developing, inspecting, manufacturing, and testing motor vehicles and their parts. Also, to be capable of carrying out diagnostic work (problem finding) and carrying out repair works if necessary. This qualification has been designed to meet the demand of the learners who are aiming to enter the field of Automobile Engineering.

Level 5 Higher International Diploma In Architectural Engineering

The aim of these qualifications at ASTI is to reinforce intellectual capabilities and develop proficiency in learners and pursue an alternative career within the broad spectrum of Architecture. Learners specializing in Architectural Engineering can apply Knowledge of Design, Construction, Safety, and building system maintenance of Structural, Mechanical, Lighting, Acoustics, Subsystem, and their Components. This makes architectural engineering an ideal profession for an individual’s career to secure jobs in the core field.

Level 5 Higher International Diploma In Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering qualification from ASTI will develop a wide range of knowledge and skills that is essential to the industry. This also includes improvement in communication, electronic tools, and professional ethics. With the expanse of infrastructure development projects throughout the region, there is a high demand for Civil Engineers. This is an opportunity for you to jumpstart your career after graduation.

Level 5 Higher International Diploma In Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The qualification at ASTI is designed to help students to develop a range of skills and techniques in electrical, and electronic engineering, personal qualities and attributes essential for successful performance in working life and thereby enable learners to make an immediate contribution to employment at the appropriate professional level.

Level 5 Higher International Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

The qualification at ASTI aims at preparing students for a range of technical and management careers in mechanical engineering and equips individuals with knowledge, understanding, and skills for success in employment in the mechanical engineering-based industry by providing specialist studies relevant to individual vocations and professions in which learners are working or intend to seek employment in mechanical engineering and its related industries.

Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology

This qualification will help the students to be able to assist in implementation of IT activities, including skills needed for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Students will gain a wide range of sector knowledge tied to practical skills gained in research, self-study, directed study and workplace scenarios.

Level 3 Diploma Foundation Programs UAE