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GITEX 2022 Dubai

The world’s largest tech show GITEX 2022 Dubai is just around the corner!!!! A five-day event — being held at Dubai World Trade Centre — as the “largest technology exhibition in the world”.

GITEX is a global event that welcomes exhibitors and visitors from over 170+ countries. The event will feature the latest developments and innovations in 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, cybersecurity, FinTech, blockchain, data analytics, and smart cities.

GITEX 2022 Dubai

What is Gitex 2022?

GITEX, the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition is the biggest technology event show that takes place in Dubai every year. The event gives an opportunity for the public and people to explore the latest trends and inventions of today’s world. GITEX is the only tech event show in the world that showcases a large-scale government presence, Ministers and public sector officials, and public and private sector tech partnerships.

Gitex also gives its visitors a chance to meet tech giants, creative start-ups, and revolutionary innovators over the show’s five-day program. GITEX GLOBAL features seven multi-tech sector events, Ai Everything, North Star Dubai Fintech Surge, Future Blockchain Summit, Marketing Mania, and two new events launching in 2022, Global DevSlam and X-VERSE.

GITEX History

The technology show was first launched in 1981 with the name GITE. The release of Microsoft’s Windows 7 in 2009 marked participation in the event to a great extent. Since then, GITEX became a world-class technology exhibition that brought the audience closer to tech innovations. After that, the event witnesses must-attend industry-related discussions, debates, knowledge sharing of new ideologies, demonstrations, and trade of the latest products.

This advancement takes Dubai one step closer to the future of technology and GITEX serves a profound purpose of enabling and accelerating the digital economies of UAE and many of its alliance partners through connecting earnest stakeholders with outstanding minds from around the world and materializing these connections into actionable partnerships. Now Gitex Global has put Dubai on the global technology map and put technology at the top of Dubai’s priorities.

ASTI Participation In GITEX 2022 Dubai!!

We are thrilled to announce the esteemed participation of our students in this world’s biggest technological exhibition!!! Our students successfully presented their projects in YouthX in the GITEX show. Gitex YouthX is the gateway to the AI world. Gitex YouthX AI event gives our students a life-changing ultimate experience, exposure, and training for excellence from the best in the AI industry.

ASTI students participating in gitex 2022

Projects Presented By ASTI Students at GITEX 2022

1. Project: Spy Bot

Spybot Project By ASTI Students @GITEX 2022 Dubai

    Presented By

  • Ali Tarig Mohamed Maki (Electrical & Electronics Engineering – Level 4)
  • Vikas Neranahalli Manjunath (Electrical & Electronics Engineering – Level 4)

In this project, the student clearly utilizes the concepts of AI technology and programming which helps the bot to travel to a remote place by self-detecting the obstacles.

2. Project: Solenoid Future Engine

Solenoid future engine project By ASTI students @ Gitex 2022

     Presented By

  • Husayn Zain Abbas (Electrical & Electronics Engineering – Level 4)

The proposed method utilizes the concept of Automobile, and Mechatronics to enhance the technology for Electrical vehicles for the future.

3. Project: Priority-based power selection for Industrial and high-rise buildings using Arduino

    Presented By

  • Kyle Thurston Fernandes (Electrical & Electronics Engineering – Level 4)
  • Eiron Gerald Valena Santos (Electrical & Electronics Engineering – Level 4)

This paper Utilizes the Programming concept to develop automation at the building and industrial levels to save power consumption.

4. Project: Blockchain programming for home automation

    Presented By

  • Ishaq Ahamed (Information Technology – Level 4)
  • Ekanayaka Mudiyanselage Thennakoon Gedara Asitha Bandara Thennakoon (Information Technology – Level 4)
  • Aron Angelo B. Pablico (Information Technology – Level 4)

The proposed method Utilizes programming and AI technology to develop automation and luxury in residential and commercial places.

5. Project: Hand gesture Automobile Bot

This study utilizes the concept of Automobile, and Mechatronics to enhance the technology for Electrical vehicles for the future.

ASTI Students Present their project at Gitex 2022

    Presented By

  • Aboobaker Sidhiq Madathil (Information Technology – Level 4)
  • Mohammed Ali Zahid Sirajuddin Fakih (Automobile Engineering – Level 4)

6. Project: Ultrasonic Fuel Tank indicator

     Presented By

  • Masoud Moazzim Balesahib (Automobile Engineering – Level 4)
  • Rhucel Dalagunan Cablay (Automobile Engineering – Level 4)

7. Project: Robotic Arm Electro pneumatically controlled

    Presented By

  • Muhammed Sijab Ahmed ( Mechanical Engineering – Level 4)
  • Jeriel Isidto Mendoza ( Mechanical Engineering – Level 4)

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At GITEX 2022, ASTI ensures that we’re not just showcasing technology, but training students in developing technology”. You can visit the official website of GITEX for further details on the events.

ASTI Academy wishes all its students for their great participation in the world’s largest technology exhibition, GITEX 2022 Dubai.

Watch the below video 👇 for ASTI Students Grant Participation In GITEX 2022 Dubai!

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