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Al Shabaka Technical Institute (ASTI), Dubai is one of the finest choices to begin your educational career in all ways. Discover the reasons that make ASTI one of the best institutes. Teaching for life is our addiction.

Education is one of the risky investments for many students with dreams to achieve, taking your route with ASTI helps you to reach your dream in an easy and unbizarre journey. Knowledge, responsibility along with fun is the goal of educating the students here.

Best one among ordinary thousands
Al Shabaka Technical Institute is one of the leading technical institutes amidst 1000 other institutes in Dubai, which makes us unique is that we, educate and enlighten the students with knowledge and responsibility. The learning here becomes a fun experience. the students graduate here experience Quality education.
We, reach out for talents
ASTI’s focuses on path-breaking innovations in Engineering, Finance, Accounts, and IT disciplines. The reason for expertise in all fields is we, reach out for talents. We tend to bring out the best in every student and would help the students in every possible way to give hope for his career. All we need is the students to achieve his full potential without any hurdles.

Best campus atmosphere
Our campus is best- designed and built-in every way that facilitates students and faculties to be positively energized. The ASTI campus is also home to some of the region’s best studios and workshops for programs in management, accounting & teacher’s training. The institute also houses a sprawling library with more than 5,000 volumes. The entire institute is well – equipped with advanced technical solutions and Wi-Fi enabled. We have invested in millions to make your everyday educational journey comfortable.

Learning and earning
ASTI, Dubai is one of the student friendly campus.  ASTI is an “Ofqual” certified organization thus, internationally accredited by the World’s Largest Education Companies like “Pearson, Qualifi and others” and provide many opportunities for students with internships. We also refer talented students to large corporates.

Success rates
The success rate of the organization is 99%, the students who qualify here are equipped with knowledge and experience. Every student is taken care with their up and lows and are addressed separately and are taken care of. The students are trained to deal with real-world situations and real-world problems. We provide with internationally certified courses. ASTI is the only Technical Institute in Dubai which provides Masters’ Level Certification Courses currently in Engineering and Management.

Choice for everyone
Everyone has a passion and ASTI has been keen in providing career opportunity to every aspiring student. We offer 250+ govt of Dubai certified courses. From level 2 (o) to level 7 (masters), vocational courses technical degrees and many more courses that motivate and enlighten students with field related knowledge. Everyone’s educational dream comes true here.

People centric
ASTI is more of a people centric institute; we are associated with nearly more than 29 corporate clients is a Living laboratory campus. Living laboratories helps students and staff interact and work together in a project that applies to the context of the real-world problems improving the sustainability of the environment. working on what you already know increases the success ratio.

Learning begins with implementing
The classes of ASTI, are not theory based, we follow practical methods, every student is allowed to project their ideas and their progress of learning is monitored. The Our Graduate scheme embeds career-related skills into every one of our courses, which makes our graduates stand uniquely talented. Every little idea popping from the greatest minds of ASTI is given a life and are experimented.

Palace of education
ASTI, started as an educational institute in 1992 has its name for its brilliantly equipped campus. This has been the heavenly campus for students who aspire to achieve and has big dreams to fulfill. Apart from contemporary purpose-built classrooms, a new campus is about to be launched in Dubai itself.

Experienced experts
The institutes are accompanied with many experienced faculties and field experts that accompany the journey of the students with knowledge and real-world field experience. ASTI, believes stronger brands are built by strongest talents so, professionally expertised staffs are working with us to provide a bright life for every student. The students who graduate here must be able to work independently on their ideas.

The next level teaching
The promising career of every students begins with the advanced teaching steps taken by our experts. From challenging curriculum to personalized schedule, we bring out the best out of all students. We ensure students that by end of a course, will be equipped with skills. Our professors are in link with top companies that provide many kinds of benefit to our students, in name of contacts, opportunity etc.

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