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Technical Academy For Higher Education Qualifications

Job-ready skills you can put to work — ASTI is a leading Technical Academy in Dubai, offering globally bench-marked Technical Education Programs.

Engineering courses in Dubai


Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Pursuing an Diploma in psychology allows you to gain knowledge of the mind, brain, and human behavior

Diploma in Psychology

Pursuing an Diploma in psychology allows you to gain knowledge of the mind, brain, and human behavior

Computer Science

Practical art that has led to revolutionary innovations in entertainment

Quantity Surveying

Ensure that the construction project is completed within its projected budget

Safety Engineering

Assures that engineered systems provide acceptable levels of safety

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Intelligence demonstrated by machines

Get professional-level UAE Government certified technical higher diploma

International Recognition

Accepted internationally as a higher diploma degree

Blended Learning

You will have lifetime access to course materials

Regular & Part-time Classes

We have separate batches for part-time & regular students

Flexible Payment Options

‘Pay as you go’ that would make it as convenient for you as possible

Academy in Dubai

Get professional-level training

Complete a ASTI Career Certificate, at your own pace and time.

Career Opportunities

Access career resources like coaching sessions, mock interviews, and a resume builder tool.

You Hired

Get your foot in the door with top employers, through our corporate resource centre.

Graduate employment

4 out of 5 ASTI graduates find employment in careers within their field of study within 1 year of graduation.

Frequently asked questions

Is this program affiliated or recognized by the UAE government?

Yes, our academy ASTI and its programs are certified by KHDA and affiliated by UK education system and curriculum.

I didn't complete my high school, college, university, will i start from the beginning if i enroll into this program?

No, this program is designed so that you will pick up wherever you left off at university or higher degree.

Does this program require any tests (IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE.. etc) to be enrolled?

No, this program doesn’t require any sort of test or exam results to be enrolled in it.

What type of certificate/degree will I get upon completion?

Higher diploma recognized by the UAE government.

Will I have practical based learning or only theoretical based learning?

Maximum practical learning approach is the aim of this program.