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Welding makes a profound impact on our daily lives. From the cars we drive to the houses we live in, the welding industry is constantly shaping our world.

A weld is a permanent bond formed between two or more metal parts. A proper weld uses an exact and predetermined degree of heat to properly melt and fuse a particular type of metal.
An accomplished welder is one who knows how to use different welding techniques for different purposes, or who are highly specialized in one type of welding. Experienced welders are sought after by many manufacturing industries, from aerospace to the Navy.

Welding is a career that offers more choices of industries to work in and advancement opportunities than just about any other career choice. Welders are needed in almost every industry and those who want to advance their careers have the ability to do so with additional schooling. Below are just a few examples of the fields in which Welders can find career opportunities:

  • Inspection
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Education
  • Project Management
  • Sales


Welders fabricate and assemble metal structures and equipment through the use of welders, cutters, shapers and measuring tools. Welders produce metal products according to customer or employer specifications. They use multiple welding machines to repair and maintain metal equipment and structures of various sizes. Welders read and interpret diagrams, sketches and blueprints to determine operations, required materials and timeframes for projects.

Welders set up, operate and maintain welding equipment. They understand and implement personal and company safety measures by wearing specialized goggles, helmets, and gloves. Communication skills are essential to work with team members and converse with customers and clients.

Certification is your passport to more demanding and better-paying jobs. You can accumulate any number and type of certifications, demonstrating expertise and versatility. The more certifications you earn, the better, even if you will not be jumping from process to process, except when needed.

In due time, a well-conceived collection of certificates, together with documented experience, lead to supervisory posts with more responsibility and better pay.

Thus at ASTI Dubai, we provide the best certifications for students to develop and make such careers as not just dreams but realities. We open paths for students to learn and experience world-class levels first hand.

Highest Paying Jobs

Underwater Welding Jobs
One of the more traditional high-paying jobs within the industry is underwater welding.  Difficult working conditions, plus all the additional training necessary to perform this type of work combine to make average salaries quite high.

Industrial Pipe & Pipeline Welding
Pipelines are used everywhere and in just about any industry.  As a result, the demand for skilled welders in this field is extremely high.  Even under normal circumstances, a skilled pipe welder could find work in just about any location in the country.

Armed Forces Support Welder
There are several active war zones.  This creates an endless need for maintenance and repair of equipment, vehicles, ships, and transports.

Fabrication Welding
Fabrication welding involves the use of engineering drawings to cut metal into the appropriate shapes and weld them together to form a specific structure

Pipe Fitter
Pipe fitters are responsible for the installation of piping systems in the fields of building and construction, plumbing, manufacturing or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Welding Inspector
A certified welding inspector is responsible for ensuring safety by examining the work of welders to determine that it meets the required specifications and standards, according to Education-Portal.

Welders use heat and electricity to permanently join together pieces of metal for use in manufacturing items, such as automobiles and other vehicles, as well as in construction.

Metalworking Machine Operators
Metalworking machine operators set-up and operate equipment used to shape and assemble metal products, such as bending metal parts for auto bodies or adding screws and bolts.

There are also societies for welders like The American Welding Society where welders can fight for their due rights are not missed as a part of an integrated society.

Welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers may work outdoors, often in inclement weather, or indoors, sometimes in a confined area. They may work on a scaffold, high off the ground, and they occasionally must lift heavy objects and work in awkward positions. Most work full time and overtime are common.

Working at the desk, the entire day makes one’s life boring. Working all over the place unlike an outdoor job or indoor job makes it refreshing. Why follow all the old ways and not make a new one? Let’s be innovative and find new ways and new styles. The end result must be in our hands and not in someone else’s. And beyond all, one’s own sense of space is needed.

Is there a job that offers these all? Yes. Welding opens door to all these. It is not your regular job to get disinterested. It is a dynamic job, it keeps changing with the ever-changing opportunities.

Look into the details and chose your path.

You could start your exciting new career as a welding expert today.

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